Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Mystics' Bay/Bird Box Curios



The SpaceFarers Alien Landscapes item presentation has four components.

  • First is a technical description or metadata.
  • The story component is just for fun. Eventually, every item will be part of the Horizon Hunters adventure, in which eight-year-olds Trish McKuen and Jason Viers are never exactly what they seem.
  • Fantastic and original graphics, when available, add imagery to the action. Visitors may submit original graphics to and receive credit for them if they are published.
  • Lastly, we invite our visitors, product users, and manufacturers to comment on the products and our presentation of them. Comments here provide opportunities for reviewers and other visitors to interact with one another and vendors, make comparisons, give tips, and tell stories. It's almost like being there.

We think these features make our space fun as well as useful. Let us know what you think.

Comment on Bird Box curios below. And return to the Alien Landscapes site for more.

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