Saturday, October 12, 2013


Tech Event Evokes Vision of Extraterrestrial Future

(10/04/13 Tucson, AZ) Something is happening at Tucson’s Valley of the Moon, and the Selenites are involved. Well, of course, since Selenites are people of the Moon. The venue is a children's park, theater, historic site, and a cosplay Mecca, wholly supported by donations and volunteer energy. Selenite Embassy is intended by its creators to be a connection between the people of the Moon and business. It is a Renaissance Faire with a space settlement theme, selling and illustrating life support, efficient agriculture, off-the-grid energy, personal mobility, robotics, and spaceflight opportunities, and offering unique art and sensational food. The League of the Brick Moon (engineers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, explorers, and others) behind Selenite Embassy seeks like-minded adventurers to join them in making frontier formation the organizing principle of a new hope for the Republic, and a galactic entertainment empire.

- Selenite Embassy is a vendors’ fair. Sellers have the opportunity to be teachers about their products and self-sufficiency, which is the core of sustainability, on Earth or elsewhere.
- Consumers want what is functional, but also what creates great atmosphere in their backyards and homes. The Selenite Embassy project brings to the vendor an opportunity to experiment with aesthetics in a friendly environment.
- Selenite Embassy provides access to talented artists who can help with aesthetics, just as they are creating great food, entertainment, and atmosphere for the event. In fact, many of them are also vendors.
- It provides a high-traffic sales venue with a clientele interested in the vendor’s business because of its relationship to the galactic theme. This bunch wants to shop, and is open to ideas.
- The venue draws an audience of more diverse interests than does the usual (boring) tech show, people who will see value where the vendor has not yet explored, opening the door to new markets and new product ideas.
- We can do this at night, when the shop is closed and the magic of Valley of the Moon is strongest.
- The Selenite Embassy project benefits both the vendor and Valley of the Moon, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and a unique historic site. That makes the vendor a hero (the crowds can’t say you’re just a greedy merchant).

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune,” says the Bard. Seize the hour! Email to start a conversation. There is no decided schedule at this time. We are looking for all kinds of vendors, performers, imagineers, and stagecraft wizards.