Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inspiring Image, Mystery Artist

I found the artwork I call “Frontier Montage” on my desk at Martin Marietta Aerospace one morning in 1980 or 1981. In those days, I ignored corporate propaganda, but I eventually framed it and hung it in my front hall at home. There it attracted favorable attention from visiting friends, one of whom remarked, “That really says it all, doesn’t it?” Black space in the background, Earth’s limb on the left, a Saturn V rises from its launch mount in the foreground. An Apollo spacecraft pursues a full Moon into the opposing upper corner. A space shuttle in orbit occupies the focal point (that’s the propaganda). A Wright flier traverses the blue band of sky between space and a green-wooded idyll, where a pioneer family, in a wagon, crosses the bottom of the canvas. It’s unsigned. I never figured out who made it or where it came from. Anyone have a clue?