Thursday, July 22, 2021

Serionix/Colorfil: An Approach to Cleaner/Safer Air in Your Space


 Artwork by Margaret Ann Smith

In a way, this is a free add for Serionix. The startup makes air filters. We chose this tech because it is on the path to space colonization. In fact, NASA is using it to deal with odor problems on the International Space Station and in space suits. No air gets dirtier than zero-gravity air. Or buggier. Last we heard, Serionix and NASA were studying application to medical face masks that not only kill bacterial and viruses and deactivate ammonia and formaldehyde contaminants in air, but change color when depleted.

Our story about Serionix has three components. One is technical, as above. The story component is just for fun. Eventually, every item will be part of the Jason & Trish adventure. Fantastic graphics, like the one by Margaret Ann Smith on our site, add imagery to the action. Lastly, we give our visitors opportunities to comment on the product and our presentation of it, We think these make our space fun. Let us know what you think.

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  1. I buy Serionix filters to nullify pet odors at home (two dogs and three cats!) and to help clear the air of any live pathogens. The filter medium is too coarse to filter bad bugs out (it's not a HEPA filter). However, all they have to do is come in contact with the walls of the long, winding tunnels in the medium to be toast. I prefer to leave the HVAC system fan on all the time, but I can certainly tell when it is off at high cat box traffic times. Turning the fan back on solves the problem in minutes.