Saturday, March 6, 2021

Alien Landscapes Adventures Team Building Launches

Welcome to the greatest single adventure opportunity in the last 400 years. SpaceFarers Corporation is building a team to create Alien Landscapes Adventures, featuring adventure shopping, out-of-this-world entertainment, lodging, and fine dining for affluent professionals on the hunt for a way to cope with a harsher environment and less reliable public infrastructure.

Check out the implied co-marketing opportunity. Let us know what you want to see in a SpaceFarers Corporation Alien Landscapes park, and how you might want to fit into our corporate structure as a visitor, partner, vendor, startup sustainability tech company, established company with market awareness needs, or a researcher seeking crowdsourced application ideas, etc. See the minimum viable online product at and learn about our vision to, well, save the planet (as a solar system park).


P.S. — Of course we love Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos; they’re doing the transportation part of what matures into a corporate builder of colonies in space.

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